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Neotica Creme is topical muscle and pain relief cream for use to relieve musculoskeletal aching and soreness. Composed of Wintergreen oil and Menthol as active ingredients. Eugenol, Camphor, and Eucalyptus for aroma therapy. It has been used for 40 years in southeast Asia and ingredients natural. It is a safe alternative to opioids, over the counter medication and free from additive substances. Neotica is greaseless and nonstaining. Neotica formula offers unbeatable relief for muscular aches which can be attested for by its success in southeast Asia. Dr. Joseph Davis of Lost Tree Health Products is the importer and distributor. The product is strong and effective requiring a small amount to be massaged into the sore or painful area. Neotica Creme should not be used with any form of heat, broken or rashed skin, bandaged tightly, or before exposure to sunbathing.

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